Microsoft’s Connect (); 2016

If you missed last week Microsoft’s event Connect (); 2016 here’s video. Check at least Keynote. It’s worth your time.

I watched Apple’s September presentation this year and the guy who commented the event all the time repeated “That’s awesome!” and “Apple is a killer!”. No way! To me Microsoft definitely beat the Apple as I watched the video above.

News number one: Microsoft becomes Linux Foundation platinum member. Azure supports Linux environment. MS SQL Server can run on Linux. All these things are mind blowing! Few years ago I was unable to imagine this could happen. And I’m happy it’s real now. Hating borders I enjoy to watch them breaking. For me as a developer that’s great news too ’cause I will be able to use Linux environment to host projects. Hope it will be good for community overall. (check video on 0:29:00 and 1:36:00)

Second news is that Visual Studio now works on Mac. Another boarder braking innovation. Additionally Visual Studio provides a list of tools for mobile development. Xamarin integration and everything works on the fly. Every change you make is previewed immediately. Few clicks and everything is published to testing environment with tests on dozen real devices and in other second sent to all your team for review. Sounds like a dream. (check video on 0:33:00)

A lot of words were about Open Source and GIT. By the way nothing about TFS (Team Foundation Server). Does it mean GIT is high priority now for Microsoft? Good to know they are listening to community and provide tools the community needs. Visual Studio Code was something new to me (it seems I was sleeping for a while :)). Open Source Visual Studio that runs on both Mac and Windows. With daily builds. With full integration into development process. (check video on 0:03:00 and 0:29:30)

Azure is everywhere. It has data centers in any part of the Earth, it supports every technology and can even see future… maybe. But key features as for me are: Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Data Lake. First provides API for images, voice text recognition. Also rich NLP (Natural Language Processing) support. Second is Big Data support. Big means Petabytes on info. (check on video 1:46:00)

Docker now is supported by Visual Studio and Azure. Docker is software containerization platform. For your application it means that you can forget about phrase “it was working on my machine”. Imagine box where you put everything: platform, dependencies, resources and this box is able to run on any platform that supports docker (Windows, Mac, Linux anything). And it is fast and lightweight. (check video on 1:08:00)

More is coming!!!

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